Houses, villas, buildings witnesses of art. An ongoing exhibition in the rooms of the Adolfo Pini Foundation, in Milan, tells in detail 20 historic buildings: from the home of D’Annunzio to the place where Carlo Levi was confined


The walls, the gardens, the fittings, the furnishings of the art houses became three in turn. The environments that have framed the creations of the artists, thinkers and historical figures of our land have collected and decreed those stories to the point of having to pass on to them additional knowledge. To the point of ceasing to be only walls, but to become something to be preserved, to be handed down. This is the function of the museum houses which, with their very existence, are a moment of art and charm due to their very nature, innate beauty and anecdotes. And on a territory steeped in history like our beautiful Italy, it is easy to imagine how many these residences may be scattered around the Belpaese.


Thus to give prestige to these art contexts the exhibition “4.798 km of Case Museum” has been conceived, which from 6 to 29 July, in the rooms of the Adolfo Pini Foundation in Milan, through a line ideally taken also in the exhibition, “ accompanies us “in a reasoned region by region, where the details of 20 museum houses are highlighted, from north to south of the peninsula, with photos, descriptions and insights. A project curated by Rosanna Pavoni, created by the Foundation in collaboration with C-Park NABA New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and with the Association for Museum Houses.

From the Royal Palace of Turin to Palazzo Mirto in Sicily, from the house in the Marche where Osvaldo Licini painted all his life to the scenic Villa of Axel Munthe in Anacapri, and again from the home studio of Giorgio Morandi in Bologna to that of Gabriele D’Annunzio and to the confinement home of which Carlo Levi tells in his writings: places that become interpreters and privileged witnesses of stories, characters and landscapes in an ideal path along the boot.

“The exhibition takes us on a journey of great cultural richness, whose stages are houses, villas, palaces, apartments that have hosted collectors, artists, writers, travelers in love with Italy, families that for generations have lived in the same rooms, people that have simply left traces of a life in the rooms, “says the curator of the exhibition Rosanna Pavoni. “An extraordinary journey, made possible thanks to the existence of museum houses, unique places to discover and visit, which in recent years have started a shared journey to design new itineraries of discovery and knowledge, where the quality and ways of living they become narrators of societies, territories, cultural landscapes and changes “. A cultural journey but also wanting an adventure to be undertaken “on the road” following this artistic map but at the same time real: the mileage, of the title, was in fact actually calculated on google maps, and is the kilometric sum necessary to reach all the locations represented in the exhibition. Because from Trentino to Sicily, our Italy as well as being our “home” is a huge museum that preserves beauty, knowledge, and culture.

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